Top 12 Gift Ideas Under $50

Sleeps With Dogs Pillow – $33.95


We all know someone who would LOVE this pillow!


Aqua Metal Cookbook Holder -$48.95


Reminiscent of an antique ceiling tile, this cookbook holder will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves to cook!


Chintz Tea Cups/Boxed Set Of Four


Four different gorgeous chintz patterns in bone china


Flowing Hair Resin Mermaid Wall Decor – $49.95


This is just one of several beautiful mermaids we carry.


Vintage Wine Label Stoneware Plates – $8.95 each / Set of 4 $35.80


These stoneware plates are beautifully unique and are a perfect size for serving appetizers or cheeses.


Black Hatchet Soaps by Latika Soaps – $7.95 / Pre de Provaence Men’s Aftershave – $20.95 / Men’s Natural Bristle Shaving Brushes $16.95


Put together a gift bag with all three for only $45.85!


Beautiful Marietta, Katina Marie, and Jess & Jane 100% Cotton Knit Tops Made in the USA


(Many different patterns and sizes available – she will LOVE these!)


Man’s Best Friend Dog Pen and Pencil Holder $33.95


For that special dog lover in your life!


Eauz Fraiches Bath Products – Body Lotion $21.49, Shower Gel $16.49, Bar Soap $8.95, Bath Soak $14.95, Body Cream 21.49


Put together a gift bag with several of these lovely items for a thoughtful gift – the scent is AMAZING!


Bunny Magnifying Glass – $39.95


Cute resin bunny holds high quality magnifying glass handy and looks great on your desk or counter!


Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars / Framed Wall Decor $36.95


This adorable painting has been reproduced, printed on canvas, and framed with a rustic wood frame – a perfect gift for someone special!


Relics Collection of Bath & Spa Products


Latika Handmade Soaps (Made in Austin) $7.49
Bluestem Farm Handmade Soaps (Made in Bastrop) $8.95
Shiloh Farms Handmade Goatmilk Soaps $5.95
Haby Settlement Farms Handmade Goatmilk Soaps $9.95
Private Collection French Soaps (in decorative paper wrappers) $8.95
Urban Spa Nail Brush $5.49
Urban Spa Natural Sea Sponge $14.95
Urban Spa Bamboo and Jute Back Scrubber $13.95
Urban Spa Cellulite Bath Brush $18.95
Urban Spa Body Brush $15.95
Beautiful soap dishes in enameled metal or ceramic – prices range from $10.49 to $21.95


We have lots of bath brushes, soaps, and beautiful soap dishes – these are just a few. Several of these items together in one of our beautiful gifts bags makes a unique and useful gift for any age and any gender!