A Relics Christmas

Twas a month before Christmas,
When all through the town,
People were shopping,
Some with a frown.


Austin malls were all crowded
And parking was sparse,
I wanted to scream
“Let’s STOP this FARCE!!!”


“Shopping’s not fun anymore.”
I exclaimed!
I felt like a Grinch and I said
“What a shame.”


“It’s that time of year
When we want to feel good,
About shopping and giving-
We all know we should.”


Then I thought to myself
“Hey, I know a place
Where the shopping is easy,
It’s not a RAT RACE!”


So I jumped in my car,
And to Bastrop I tore,
To a shop like no other
I’ve been to before.


It’s a quaint little shop,
So charming and sweet.
I love going there,
It’s always a treat!


I looked at my watch,
And saw it was late,
But on Fridays and Weekends,
They’re open till eight!


To Relics I went,
And I’m so glad I did!
I found all I needed,
For each of my kids!


They have something you’ll like,
For each one on your list,
And the owners are helpful,
They love to assist!


I found jewelry and candles,
And soaps, and décor,
And pillows and signs
And nightlights and more!


My gifts were all wrapped,
In tissue, each one!
Then they put them in gift bags,
My wrapping was done!


As I walked out the door,
with a twinkle in my eye,
I thought to myself,
“It’s been a good night!”


“It’s all thanks to RELICS,
My shopping’s complete,
And I didn’t fight crowds-
This can’t be beat!”


Then I got in my car,
And I thought with delight,
“Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!!!”